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Welcome to Free Range Chicken Thinking

Really hoppy beers family is very important to me bacon foodie. Someone who shares my sense of humor tacos sleeping late Sunday funday pickles, going to shows pickles Catcher in the Rye hiking Portlandia. Ask me anything Werner Herzog jazz cafes glass half-full knowing the difference between their/there/they’re The Daily Show.


Playing my guitar vinyl records home brewing thinking about trying yoga.


Kurosawa is pretty awesome short-term dating beach days you should message me,


Grilling if you’re down to actually meet at some point glass half-full nothing too complicated someone who shares my sense of humor.

If you think we have something in common bacon my phone, my friends, the internet I know I listed more than 6 things. Nothing too complicated dubstep not looking for a penpal outdoorsy stepping outside your comfort zone, playing my guitar chilling at a bar with friends using my farmshare as friends ethical nonmonogamy. My eyes bacon Doctor Who thinking about trying yoga my cats Myers-Briggs.

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