The tool that sticks to the job like you do.

Brand Strategy & Execution

When you think of tools in your toolbox, the one you might not think of is tape. Tape is a tool that can get you out of pinch in a hurry whether it’s a quick repair, an extra hand, or way to stop the bleeding.

Shurtape Brand is a leading pressure sensitive tape manufacturer for a variety of markets, from painting and packaging to HVAC and transportation.

We have been crafting and implementing Shurtape’s story for over 6 years in the traditional, visual and digital space. One challenge was to help create a mind shift in the way professionals think about tape and how tape should be considered a tool in their toolbox and less of a commodity.

We took an all hands on deck approach and developed a brand strategy that positions Shurtape as the experts in the industry by crafting a content driven resource that serves as all things tape educational guide to seasoned vets to new professionals in the industry. By positioning Shurtape as the industry expert the Sticky Truth rose to the surface. The Sticky Truth is a campaign that uncovers the unknowns, misunderstanding and misconceptions about how tape is used in all aspects of work.